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Oscarswap Inception

Future of Decentralized Exchanges and Yield Farming on Arbitrum
Oscarswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates on the Arbitrum network, utilizing automated market-maker (AMM) technology. Its cutting-edge technology is designed to offer the lowest fees for swapping cryptocurrencies, coupled with highly profitable yield farming rewards, making it an ideal choice for passive income seekers.
Oscarswap is the one-stop solution for trading, earning, and investing in crypto!!
A significant feature that sets Oscarswap apart from other DEXs is the opportunity for users to stake $OSCAR tokens in an auto-compounding staking pool and earn 100% of the generated revenue.
Along with high returns in the auto-compounding staking pool, the Oscarswap also offers farming rewards in THREE coins. Learn more about it in the following section.

Verified Profit Return

Oscar swap introduces a groundbreaking concept that allows users to earn a share of the protocol-generated revenue, making it the first DEX to offer such a feature where users can serve as both the Trader and the DEX. The $OSCAR token's significant utility enables users to earn tangible, liquid cryptocurrencies generated by the protocol itself, setting Oscar swap apart from other decentralized exchanges.

Wallet-friendly fees

Another exciting featureSwap that helps us stand out among other DEXes present on the Arbitrum L2 network is that we offer some of the most competitive trading fees, making it a highly feasible exchange for users. With the help of Arbitrum L2, users can benefit from reduced gas fees, coupled with the lowest swap fees offered by Oscar Swap, making it an economical and practical choice for crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

Convergence trading Bot

One of the distinguishing features of Oscar Swap is its ability to resist profitless bots, making it the first DEX to offer a completely bot-resistant environment. This means that there is no possibility of arbitrage between pairs, resulting in consistent pricing across all pairs at all times. Additionally, with our advanced routing systems, prices remain the same with every buy and sell, further ensuring a fair and transparent trading experience for all users.

Oscar Shield

Safety and security of user assets are the top priorities at Oscar Swap. The team is composed of 15 individuals worldwide, including marketing experts, team leads, full-stack developers, and project managers. The director and co-founder undergo KYC with a reputable firm. The DEX underwent thorough audits before launch, and smart contracts are deployed using multisig, which involves team and community members. Furthermore, a 24-hour timelock feature in the smart contract provides users with visibility of all upcoming blockchain changes 24 hours before they appear on the explorer, which is linked to our governance protocol.

Why Arbitrum Chain ?

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    "Arbitrum is the next generation layer 2 scaling solution that makes Ethereum faster, cheaper and more efficient. By utilizing its advanced technology, Oscar swap enables users to experience faster transactions, lower gas fees, and secure trading."
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    "Oscar Swap's integration with the Arbitrum L2 network provides numerous benefits to its users, such as fast transaction speeds, low fees, and enhanced security measures. This means that users can enjoy seamless trading experiences while also having the peace of mind that their assets are safe and secure."
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    "Choosing Oscar Swap DEX means choosing the best possible trading experience on the Arbitrum L2 network. With its cutting-edge technology and focus on user security, Arbitrum Exchange is the ideal choice for traders who want to take advantage of the many benefits of decentralized finance without compromising on security or usability."
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    Arbitrum has the highest adoption rate among Layer-2 blockchains, boasting a TVL of over $1.6B.